2015 SMART Group Closing Reception

(Photo’s by Peg Skorpinski)

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Race and the Political Response to Gentrification

Zawadi Rucks Ahidiana, Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology
Taheerah Mujahid, Senior, Sociology


2_2015_SMART_Molecular & Cell Biology_DSC_8682

Identifying the Interaction Site between α-arrestins and the G-protein Coupled Receptor Ste2 in budding yeast

Christopher Alvaro, Ph.D. Candidate, Molecular and Cell Biology
Rebecca Kuan, Rising 3rd year undergraduate, Molecular and Cell Biology


3_2015_SMART_Mechanical Eng_DSC_8521

Tissue Engineering Cartilage with Patient Specific Geometries

Audrey Ford, Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering
Wan Fung Chui, Sophomore (Physics and/or Computer Science major)

IB Display Team

The Role of New Hippocampal Neurons in Emotional Memory

Aaron Friedman, Ph.D. Candidate, Integrative Biology
Yeyoon (Lily) Choi, Sophomore, Integrative Biology and Public Health

5_2015_SMART_Visual & Narrative Culture_DSC_8398

Building Love: Modern Marriage, Professional Partnership, and the Rise of Publicity in 20th Century American Architecture

Eva Hagberg Fisher, Ph.D. Candidate, Visual & Narrative Culture
Athena Scott, Senior, College of Environmental Design


6_2015_SMART_Chemical & Biomolecular Eng_DSC_8494

Investigation of Cellular Morphologies of the Biofuel-producing Bacteria Clostridium: Applications in Industrial-scale Fermentations

Nico Herman, Ph.D. candidate Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Ripika Bedi, B.S. 2015, Chemical Biology



The American Parish: Trans-Atlantic Literature, Religion and Community

Jessica Ling, Ph.D. candidate, English
Elena Bellaart, Graduating Senior, English


8_2015_SMART_Plant & Microbial Biology_DSC_8545

Identification of Novel Genes in the PBS3-mediated Pathogen Resistance Pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana Using a Suppressor Screen

Becky Mackelprang, Ph.D. candidate, Plant & Microbial Biology
Román Ramos, Senior, Genetics and Plant Biology


9_2015_SMART_History of Art_DSC_8428

Vermeer’s Fur Ladies: Tracing the Jack and High-Burgher Ideals in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Genre Scenes and Costume History

Elizabeth McFadden, Ph.D. Candidate, History of Art
Jeanette Sturman, Undergraduate, History of Art


10_2015_SMART_Political Science_DSC_8554_

Between Regimes: Assessing International Calls for Transitional Groups

Katherine E. Michel, Ph.D. candidate, Political Science
Tara Sivaskandan, Junior, Political Science



Minimal Period and Finite Starting Point for the Periodic Catenary Degree

Christopher R. Miller, Ph.D. student, Mathematics
Albert Zheng, Junior, Math and Computer Science


12_2015_SMART_Public Health_DSC_8572_

Food Security, Nutrition, and Child Development around Lake Victoria in Kenya

Erin Milner, Ph.D. Candidate, Public Health
Rose Paneno, Junior, Integrative Biology and Social Work


13_2015_SMART_Civil & Env Eng_DSC_8481

Damage Plasticity in Mumerical Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Structures under Extreme Loading

Thanh Do Ngoc, Ph.D. candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Victor Hakim, Sophomore, Astrophysics and Math



Understanding Charge Transfer Dynamics from Photo-excited Quantum Dots

Jacob Olshansky, Ph.D. Candidate, Chemistry
Xiao Fu, Junior, Chemistry and Philosophy



Spatial Analysis of Surrounding Landownership and Access to National Park Service Units in California

Jenny Palomino, Ph.D. Candidate, Environmental Science, Policy and Management
Shane Fairchild, B.A., May 3015, Conservation Resource Studies


16_2015_SMART_Comp Lit_DSC_8449

Transatlantic Aestheticism: Oscar Wilde, Raymond Chandler and the Decorative Arts

Adeline Tran, Ph.D. Candidate Comparative Literature
Jacob Gerstel, B.A., May 2015 English and History



Design and Implementation of Branched DNA-based Signal Amplification in Single-Cell Protein Assays

Julea Vlassakis, Ph.D. Candidate, Bioengineering
Sean Purcell, Junior, Chemical Biology


18_2015_SMART_Ethnic Studies_DSC_8413

Education and Incarceration for Lakota Youth on the Rosebud Reservation, 1886 – Present: A Community-Engaged Project Incorporating Decolonizing Methodologies

Tria Wakpa Blu (Tria Andrews), Ph.D. Candidate, Ethnic Studies, Native American Studies
Sara Trail, American Studies, Senior, American Studies

19_2015_SMART_East Asian Lang & Cultures_DSC_8620

Reimagining, Redefining, and Reutilizing the Chu 楚 — Debates about China’s Classical Tradition and Cultural Identity in the Twentieth Century

Yun-ling Wang 王韻齡, Ph.D. candidate, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Njeri Kamau-Devers, 柯心藍 Senior, Chinese Language


20_2015_SMART_Vision Science_DSC_8504

The Immunomodulatory Role of Lipid Mediators in Uveitis Pathogenesis

Jessica Wei, Ph.D. Candidate, Vision Science
Maureen Lee, Rising senior, Integrative Biology & Public Health