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What is SMART?

Check out a brief video that engages several student SMART teams and highlights their accomplishments, as well as talks with the program’s directors.

Student Mentoring and Research Teams (SMART) is a program that engages doctoral students in creating mentored research opportunities for undergraduate students at UC Berkeley. This program is designed to broaden the professional development of doctoral students and to foster research skills and paths to advanced studies for undergraduates.

Donor support for SMART is matched dollar for dollar by the UC Berkeley Graduate Division.

Prospective donors who are interested in supporting the SMART Program are invited to visit the Support SMART webpage.

“Our investment in SMART reflects how profoundly we think the thoughtful design and delivery of this program is a win-win situation all around. SMART enriches doctoral scholars as professionals, advances graduate research, and is an inspiration for undergraduates to pursue advanced studies.”

Rosemary Joyce, Associate Dean, Graduate Division

Doctoral Students

  • Develop mentoring skills
  • Receive research assistance
  • Gain a competitive edge in the job market

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  • Develop expertise in research methods
  • Receive exposure to new career paths
  • Gain a competitive edge for admission into graduate programs

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